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TEENS SPEAK: How far can you go to be succesful?

How far can you go to be successful? Different individuals to their limits. While some would go any length to be termed ‘successful’ others would rather take limited steps.
Let’s read what our teenagers have to say.

By: Ronke Adesona

As far as working really hard~rolake

As far as life takes me which is eternity~Mariam

Any length~Taiwo

Very far~Kosby

Would not go extra mile to be successful but do things that will be pleasing unto the LORD to be very successful~Adeolu

Very far. But in accordance with what is right though~KehindeL

As far as it takes~Tolu

Very far and to make my mum proud and so my kids will have the best in life~Mistura

Very far~Titi

Any length~Babalola

As far as possible~Hayoor

I will do my best~Kenny

Very far, but not far enough to harm others or do something illegal~Olawunmi

As far as I can go~Imo

Any length~Phemmy

Very very far~Victor

Any length. As long as no one’s getting hurt~Lara

Any means that is LEGAL~Tosin

Way too far~Oyex

‘Uncountable’ million to be successful~Kadija

Very far, Any legal and morally upright means~Esther

I will do my very best~Aisha

However far it takes#NoLimits~Juwon

As far its doing better than Dangote~Gabriel

Anything it takes~Ellen

Legal or illegal, either dirty or clean, being successful is not optional for me. What I know is that I cant kill to b successful. My family must be proud of me~Biodun

very far~Tola

As far as it takes~Tomi

very far~Jide

I can’t say but am ready to do anything apart from bad things~Dare

very far~jeffery

I don’t know~Laolu

As far as I have the ability to~Tosin

Would go all length with almighty God with me~Kofo

First I have to live, think and act like like a successful person and I believe that successful people do the things I do like going to d cinemas and all sort except that they do the things necessary to succeed So, I’ll just make the effort successful people make.~Kenny K.

You have read the opinions of others. What do you think? How far can you go to be successful?
Leave your comments
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TEENS SPEAK: Our teens speak out on the #childnotbride issue.

As the #Childnotbride issue continues, let’s see what our teenagers have to say.

While some opinions tackle the Nigerian government, others correct misinterpretations from the Islamic view and others, just weird and totally different view.

The issue of child marriage- what do you think about it? and what is your idea of the way out if you are against it?

“I have someone who wants to marry me but am not ready. I am not happy. The government should please help me so I don’t get married now. I want to be a nurse but my mother doesn’t agree to that.”

Some opinions…

It is arrant nonsense. They plan underage marriage for us while their children are studying abroad.

These people are just educated illiterate that is if they passed through school at all. They are attention seekers, Seeking for people to recognise them before their tenure expires. Being an hausa again, its in their blood and gene. They need to be dealt with.

I think it is a very irrational decision. The question is how many of them can give their own little girls out to men their age. In my own opinion, I think it should be fought against absolutely

I feel it defies every plausible form of morality. Its an intense insult directed towards the idea of being a female. Hell, how could any sensible person willingly concur to the idea of paedophilia, at least one would have to have a seemingly high degree of wisdom before bearing the tag; senator! But unfortunately, as it stands you really don’t have to know your opinions before you are privileged to carry the weight of millions.

They should think of how to address mass failure in exams such as JAMB, WAEC and NECO $ stop saying rubbish.

Its so wrong and its child abuse. I wonder if the so called leaders can give their daughters out at 13 or even the rich. They all flew their children abroad and are saying nonsense now. Its totally wrong.

Am strongly against it. someone with instinct wouldn’t agree with such. Let her become a woman before you put her through the marriage stress.

I think the ministry of woman affairs should protest against it

It is quite simple. When you say marriage, you talk about a man and a woman and not children. Children are meant to be in school. I dont even know why they debated about child marraige in the first place. We have alot of problems and the issue they decided to touch was ”chilldmarriage” We really have dumb law makers in our country.

Its total rubbish!I think they should allow us to grow to the full age o.

Its not good. Children are forced to marry without love. There won’t be understanding among them because they didn’t court. Child bearing will be risky and could lead to excess children and the marriage might not last long. It should be stopped

Concerning the issue of child marriage, I think it is very wrong for a grown up man to marry a girl between the age of 16-20.

Am not in support. Let them give their youngest daughter out first. Then we would know it is not ordinary and someone is behind their problem. They only want to increase our population with early marriage and all sorts which we will not profit anything from. The only solution is cancelling or swallowing back their law

I don’t agree with the idea

D government knows what they are doing and if it is legalised its the parents choice to give out their child. Though ignorance is bliss on the sides of the parent.

…Islam and child marriage

I don’t agree with it to d best of my understanding : Though islam support it based on conditions; only if the girl in question is a full grown with all d physical maturity features. The mental consideration, there is silence. Best known to God. God was only trying to protect the girl ,practicable in a shariah compliance society unlike ours. The senators are only concerned about the privileges offered by islam and not duties required of them. As far as am concerned , I don’t support insertion of that clause in our constitution , until it is inserted in our constitution to stone to death , anybody involved in adultery, until it is inserted in our constitution to hang anybody that tamper with our treasury, until it is inserted in our constitution that nobody among d citizens should suffer any inequality on account of his/her innate disability, all these as prescribed by the same shariah that support d underage marriage. My take.

It is bad and doesn’t make any sense. The teaching of islam shouldn’t be misinterpreted. There shouldn’t be sex during her early years. She must attend school. Child bearing should start when she’s 18+ at least. Violators should be jailed

If the prophet is their excuse(marriage 2 Aisha) then that’s a totally exclusive event, a command from Allah which does not apply to the rest of the ummah i.e islam doesn’t support it and if its tribal then such should be exterminated. Its totally an abuse of the feminine character. We only have people in power not leaders and May Allah save us from the evil of half knowledge because it kills much more than ignorance. An ignorant fellow can become knowledgeable but one with half knowledge is a potential danger which is the case here. The whole government needs to be wiped clean. If boko haram helps with dis, Nigerians would be grateful rather than being transgressors under the guise of Jihad. Take it or leave it , sharia would give nigeria the reform it needs if only we know its true essence and embrace it. There’s more to say but I’ll like to hold my peace

…Some couldn’t help the use of harsh words

Its absurd. Its rubbish. They should all be castrated ,those foolish senators. I think a rally of protest by citizens would help.

I seriously think what someone does in their private life is their business but passing something of that nature into a bill is barbaric. The senators that aye-d the notion should be cut into tiny pieces and scattered onto the sahara. As for those misunderstanding the hadith and bring religion into this, may God grant them deep understanding.

…the weird opinions

About the child marriage, its not bad to me. interestingly most girls complaining about this have had sex oo! and not married yet. so whats there in child marriage? Thanks.

As a female child, if my parents agree to give me out, no problem since its an agreement. But I must have at least a house in England, at least 10 bad rides ,a private jet, must not repeat any cloth, go shopping in Dubai every two months, have at least 5 house maids, my children will school in any school of their choice abroad and anything I want. The man’s name most be among the top richest in Nigeria if not in the world

its okay only if the man is a rich man so that the child would marry a rich family

And the very long cry…

I was devastated when I read the message of our supposed leader. He not only supported underage marriage but he gave excuses not reasons for supporting paedophilia. I was stunned at his message and I felt an urge to give him a reply to show how invalid his argument is.

Senator Yerima in his little speech, said that he wouldn’t mind giving out his 6yr old daughter out in marriage. I wasn’t surprised when I read this because this practise has always been existent in the North it is being fought against now because Muslims are trying to force down their practise on others forgetting that Nigeria is not a Muslim nation and will never be one. Here is Yerima’s exact words about giving out his underage daughter out in marriage. “”I tell you most honestly, I can give her out
at the age of 6 if I want to and its not your business””.
Nigeria I’m sorry to say, is a lawless country that is why a senator can afford to openly come out and say he can give out his 6yr old child’s hands in marriage and it is nobody’s business. In other countries, the mere fact that you gave birth to a child doesn’t make you a “LORD” over that child. You can’t treat your child as you please and say it’s nobody’s business, it is the government’s business but in Nigeria a government official is the one making such hideous statement. How pathetic can this great nation get?!

He also said that when a kid is married out she isn’t touched till she attains maturity and I ask what age is “maturity”? Is it puberty? Of course we know puberty never means maturity. It is but a starting point of maturity which would take years to attain. If maturity to you Northerners is when she starts developing breasts and begins to observe her monthly cycle, then I can’t help but weep profusely at the dormancy of your thinking faculty. If you actually allow them attain real maturity before you touch them then why is VVF predominant in the North?

I very much doubt if you northerners practising this dastardly act of very early girl-child marriage even know the meaning of VVF! You rape those kids and impregnate them and their tender bodies collapse at the pressure they aren’t yet built for.

You don’t care what you do to those kids as long as you satisfy your animalistic urges. You want fresh bodies but you go about soiling other younger ladies in the name of parties and when you want to get married you pick minors and claim you are doing them favour.

*Those interviewed are between the age 12-20
Weird or harsh. These are the opinions of teens on the #childnotbride issue.
Tell us your opinion on the issue and possible solutions too.
What’s your take? #childnotbride
Please leave your comments…

TEENS SPEAK: The 21st century teenagers

Hello friends! I know I promised to be back on the 8th of May but failed. I’m so sorry that I didn’t fulfill my promise. I have been up and about but you have never been out of my mind not even for once :). Let’s go straight to the business of the day.

TEENS SPEAK is a platform where we give teens or tweens the opportunity to speak about issues relating to their world. Today, Adesona Aderonke shares with us some of the challenges teenagers face especially when they are far from home say in the university for example where they have no close watch on them. With this new level of freedom many teens find it a difficult task to resist all the ‘sweet temptations’ that will come their way. But when we look at the aftermath of these temptations, we find out that it is important to make the right choices. What you become in future is a factor of the decisions you make at this ‘growing stage’ of your life. Most of the successful people in the world utilised their growth stages well (Bill gate, the Wright Brothers, etc). They were not caught up in the frivolous activities of their time instead they overcame the challenges and created solutions to world problems. Things haven’t changed so much since then they have only taken on new forms to fit the present time we live in. Learn to set your priorities straight and never loose focus.

TEENS OF THE 21st CENTURY by Adesona Aderonke.

A teenager…
A teenager is a young person between childhood and adulthood. Everybody goes through this stage in life and it comes with changes that either make or mar a person.

A very delicate stage…
At this stage we feel we can make decisions on our own, learn new things without guidance and explore this new found freedom. We don’t want to be left out especially in our social life but many teenagers have gone astray because of this. This is where the challenges come in.

Oppression amongst teens…
In this instance, teenagers want to be seen to have more things than those around them and it becomes a competition. *big boys and big girl*. Everybody wants to feel among, this could lead to teenagers stealing and engaging themselves in shameful acts to get whatever they want…The rich oppresses the average, the average oppresses the poor. It becomes a survival of fittest to stay number one. This leads to enmity and rivalry amongst the teens/youths. Sometimes they end up fighting each other leading to serious injury or even death.

Ignorance in the 21st century…
Like I mentioned earlier, we want to learn new things at this stage of our life. But lack of knowledge has led a good percentage of teens astray. For instance a young girl asking her friend if it is right to give in to sex to her partner. Her friend would most likely tell her it is not wrong. Why? well because the friend probably does the same thing or feels that is what you do for love. But if she goes to a responsible and mature adult she would be advised on the right step to take. The cruel results of ignorance can be avoided if we learn to get knowledge from respectable elders instead of our fellow mates.

Technology and our teenagers…
Our present day is ruled by technology. New inventions and gadgets are released everyday and the internet is fast becoming a serious addiction. From the internet, millions of information are passed across to people. Teens get information (directly or indirectly) from this source. But most times, it is utilised wrongly. For instance, porn is so easy to access, thanks to internet and this has many diverse effects. Also, many teens get distracted through their addiction to phones, games, music and more which makes them procrastinate and set aside their very important priorities. They fail to see the good use of this technology.

… and peer pressure
This is the influence friends have on one’s way of life which affects attitudes, decisions and behaviours. Peer pressure sets in because he/she doesn’t want to be seen as being odd amongst others. This leads the teenager to do wrong the wrong things as other people without even knowing. Peer pressure can have a positive or negative impact on a person. And this is determined by the friends we move it. Choose friends that would affect your life positively.

The way out…
The solution to all this challenges is left to the teenagers. Be determined to make the right choice in any situation. Learn to involve God in the decision you want to make. Remember you have a future to build and whatever step you take either builds or destroys that future. Know your left from your right and have self discipline. With this, we can overcome the challenges that stand our way. Thank you 🙂

To our teens and tweens: There are many sad stories about young people who have lost their lives as a result of decisions they made. Many adults are full of regrets because of the mistakes from their growing years. They can’t stop saying “had I known”. Its really sad to see what our teens are setting their priorities on. Funny trends everywhere and young ones utilising 90% of their time trying to meet up. They forget to build other areas of their life. Like Aderonke said, the solution is left to you. Choose right and be determined to stand for it. Stay connected to God always. That’s the easy to overcome anything. The grace and strength you need he would give you. And its FREE!. Who doesn’t like free(awoof) things?

To our Parents/guidance: you have a huge part to play in their success. No matter how rebellious they get, there’s always a way to pass the message. Bring them up in the right way. Learn to be their friends so they can run to you for answers. Give them the right information and don’t underestimate them. You would be shocked at what they know. They are the 21st century teenagers.

Do you have any question or thoughts you want to share with someone? Send a mail to

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely weekend. I love you but God loves you more*kisses*