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2013 UBA Foundation National Essay Competition- 15 days to go.

Students in secondary schools across the country have been invited to submit entries in the 2013 UBA Foundation National Essay Competition. 
The essay competition for secondary students is organized by UBA Foundation; the corporate social responsibility arm of UBA to encourage healthy and intellectual competition among secondary school students in Nigeria.

All senior secondary schools students across the country are eligible to participate in the competition. The 3 best essayists are selected as the overall winners from 12 finalists that will emerge from the first round of the competition. 
The first, second and third prize winners will receive N1,000,000.00, N750,000.00 and N500,000.00 in educational grants respectively

The Essay competition is meant to complement UBA Foundation’s ‘Read Africa Initiative’ which is also part of the Foundation’s efforts in arresting the falling standard of education on the continent.

To participate in the competition, eligible senior secondary students are expected to send in handwritten entries on the topic:

‘How Reading has Impacted my Knowledge’

to the UBA Foundation’s office in Lagos ( UBA House, 57 Marina, P.O. Box 2406, Lagos, Nigeria.)

At the end of October, 2013 when entries close, four renowned Nigerian Professors will review the entries and select an initial shortlist of 12 for further assessment until the overall 3 best candidates emerge.

Entries close by November 1, 2013 and no late entry will be accepted.


Murtala Mohanmmed Foundation 2013 Essay competition

The Murtala Muhammed Foundation (MMF) is pleased to announce the maiden edition of the ‘Education for Change’ Essay competition, which is in line with the Foundation’s Public Policy Dialogues aimed at increasing transparency, democracy, and accountability in government and the economy. The 2013 Policy Dialogue – will have as its focus “Investing in Nigeria’s Future: Unlocking the Potential of our Next Generation of Leaders”.
In line with our mandate to empower the youths to become exemplary leaders that shall stir this great nation towards the path of sustainable development; the essay competition is focused on promoting critical thinking, harnessing ideas and developing the talents abilities gifts and skills inherent in the youth. This we expect shall translate into a ripple effect of awareness and provide a platform for growth of future leaders for Nigeria.

Rules & Regulations
-The competition is open to students from registered Federal and State Private Universities and Polytechnics of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
-The competition is open to students from registered Public and Private Secondary Schools of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
-All applicants must be legal residents of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
-The candidate must be aged between 18-25 years for Polytechnics and Universities and between 12-17 years for secondary schools.
-The essay submitted must not be more than five hundred words (500 Words). Failure to comply with this shall lead to automatic disqualification.
-All entries must be written in the English language.
-The candidate must only apply based on one topic that should be submitted electronically. Multiple applications will be disqualified.
-Relations and staff of the Murtala Muhammed Foundation are not eligible to apply.
-Falsification of any detail on the application shall nullify it.
-The Applicants bio-data shall be used by the Foundation for publicity purposes.
-The top five shortlisted Applicants shall be invited for an interview and then the top three shall be awarded the prizes.
-All entries must be properly referenced, as plagiarism shall not be permitted. Note that information from the following websites is not allowed as forms of reference for this competition: Wikipedia or any wiki links site. The research much reflects appropriate and relevant peer-reviewed journals and legitimate websites.

Your essay shall be judged on seven criteria:

1. Content: How convincing are the main points and conclusion of the essay?
2. Organisation: How logical is the flow of thoughts?
3. Relevance: Relationship between the essay and the topic?
4. Critical thinking: Ability to think creatively.
5. Grammar: Spelling and punctuation.
6. Reference: Ability to provide proper referencing from reliable sources.
7. Word Count: Adherence to the 500 words for the essay as stipulated.


All applications should be sent to with the applicants full detail (Full Names, Age, Gender, Email Addresses, Phone Contact, School/Institution, State of Residence, State of Origin). The deadline for the submission of forms is: 16th August, 2013. Successful candidates shall be contacted.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

First prize: N150,000
Second Prize: N100,000
Third Prize: N75,000

Education is that which remains when one has forgotten everything he learned in school

Albert Einstein.

First Prize: N100,000
Second Prize: N75,000
Third Prize: N50,000

The awards shall be presented at the Investing in Nigeria’s Future: Unlocking the Potential of our Next Generation of Leaders Conference on 9th October, 2013 and all top three awardees shall be given a plaque and certificate of accomplishment and attend the pre-conference dinner with the Trustees’ of the Foundation.  


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PZ Cussons Chemisty Challenge

For all lovers of chemistry. This is your chance to show Nigeria how much you know about your love-chemistry.

About The PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge
“…the late Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female prime minister of Britain, and the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua were Chemists”
Chemistry is a dynamic and interesting discipline that cuts across all areas of human lives. It is the central science that is deeply ingrained in health care, engineering, business, management, government, marketing, product development, environmental management and even law!
In view of this central and important role, PZ Cussons Foundation is promoting the study of chemistry through open competition amongst Nigerian secondary schools.
The primary objective of the competition is to stimulate and inspire the learning of Chemistry amongst students and raise their IQ. It is to also demonstrate the relevance and role of chemistry in our society.
Notable personalities who left their marks in various fields of human endeavor were students of Chemistry. This includes late Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, late President Umaru Musa Yar’adua, Dr John Stith Pemberton, the celebrated inventor of Coca-Cola and the first black woman in space, Mae Jemison – a graduate of chemical engineering

The Competition
The Champion will be crowned along with his/her teacher and school in a special award ceremony with principal officers from PZ Cussons and other relevant stakeholders.
The competition shall be in three stages: First Stage, Second Stage and the Main Challenge

The First stage shall be written quiz and all screened candidates shall participate at this stage.

The Second stage shall also be written quiz and only the best 100 from the first stage shall qualify for the stage.

The Final stage which is the Main Challenge shall be the battle of the guns.

Only the best four from the Second stage shall qualify for the Finals. Only those who understand Chemistry as a discipline and how it relates to the real world will stand a chance to be crowned the 2013 Champion. Who would that be?

Entry requirements:
The competition is open to all first and second year senior secondary school students in Lagos State. Entry opens June 3 and closes June 28, 2013. Interested students will need the endorsement of their schools and the support of their parents or guardians. These students have to be ready to demonstrate their chemistry dexterity, to challenge and be challenged in the PZ Cussons Chemistry Challenge. They will make history as the 2013 PZ Cussons Chemistry Challengers!

To participate:
1. Download the Registration Form from
2. Fill the form , scan and send to
3. Bring the original copy to the quiz venues.
4. Not more than two students per school.
Successful candidates would be contacted

Stage 1 (All Participants): Letter of recognition and general gifts

Stage 2 (100): Certificate of Merit and general gifts

Final Stage: Certificate of Excellence, Plaque + Gifts.
3rd Runner Up: Consolation medal + N300,000 worth of scholarship + Laptop for student. N20,000 for Chemistry teacher. N50,000 worth of Chemistry books for School

2nd Runner Up: Bronze Medal+ N400,000 worth of scholarship + Laptop for student. N40,000 for Chemistry teacher. N50,000 worth of Chemistry books for School

1st Runner Up: Silver Medal+ N500,000 worth of scholarship + Laptop for student. N60,000 for Chemistry teacher. N50,000 worth of Chemistry books for School

Winner: Gold Medal + N700,000 worth of scholarship + Laptop for student. N100,000 for Chemistry teacher and N100,000 worth of Chemistry books for winning school.


Good luck as you apply!!!
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