About us

Representeens is the starting point of a big project; A Teenagers foundation.

Our mission is to reach across teenagers of the world and affect their lives positively. We need not deceive ourselves anymore, the 21st century teenagers are smart, intelligent, curious, risk-takers, adventurous, and wise. But many of them are falling astray, finding pleasure doing the wrong thing and this poses a huge threat on the future.

Our vision is to build a community of teenagers that would stand true to themselves. Teenagers that would grow up to live upright, choose right, be spiritually connected, hardworking, positive, diligent and full of great values and principles. Teenagers who would make the world beautiful for all and change the wrong system right.

What we do
We reach out to teens especially those in secondary schools in every area we can. We organise events, seminars, workshops, scholarships, camp outs, excursions and various competitions for schools, religious and social gathering to create awareness on issues that stands as challenges to them. We endeavour to teach, pass the right information, give knowledge and help develop them in all aspects of their growing years. We incorporate all methods useful for the jet age in our scheme.

We are wired to bring the fresh air of great future leaders through Gods grace, wisdom and strength.

Contact us for more information and enquiries;


One thought on “About us

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