This season is an opportunity


An opportunity is a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.  This season you are is an opportunity. Infact, every season comes with opportunities. Maybe you are still in secondary school or rounding up, you might be in a tertiary institution or a fresh graduate. Whatever the case may be, I know you are a young fellow reading this. You are in a season. Make something meaningful out of it.


You might ask what opportunity could be in this? First, you are opportuned to be alive. Second,  you are young and have all the time and energy to be who you are. You have the time to make your hay cause the sun is shining. Nowadays,  young people act old/dull in the name of being ‘cool’. Where is your energy?  Where is your enthusiasm?  Where have you kept being active? Active towards the realisation of your dreams. I should remind you that at this stage, you have the ‘craziest’ dreams and imaginations. The mind is extremely colourful and basically limitless. Almost like that of a child. But as you grow older, certain changes occur. Most great people I’ve read about , had their dreams since they were young and started working towards it early. What do I want you to do during this season? I want you to discover yourself. The deeper you dig, the more you discover. Our God is an unlimited one. He is to infinity I.e He has no end. Look around you, amazing things are being discovered. The more men search, the greater they are amazed. Likewise our walk with God. One discovery leads to another and that’s the beauty of life. Self discovery is a journey. The earlier you start,  the better to achieve all the incredible things in store. Remember,  time waits for no one and we all have a short time here on Earth. Do not waste this opportunity.


Opportunity they say, comes but once. You will never have the opportunity to be young again. Are you waiting for the perfect, definite period of your life to start? Many of you say, “I can’t wait to leave secondary school”,  “I can’t wait to get into tertiary institution”,  “I can’t wait to get a job” and so. When can you wait to look back and see how much time to have wasted waiting for the perfect time? Please wait! And enjoy this season. This is a time for you to explore. Get busy. Utilize the strength of your youth. Break that gigantic dream of yours into smaller bits and start. Even if it means reading a book to get knowledge.  Try new things. Dare yourself to do things you are interested in. As time goes, you find more exciting things about yourself. You will realise that somethings you have interest in, is just on the surface or deeper than you thought. How would you know if you don’t try? Pick up a skill/natural ability and develop diligently.  Write down the big and small insignificant dreams. Get up! Wake up!. Many young people are sleeping mentally and spiritually. They are wasting valuable resources,energy and time which they would come back to regret. Get knowledge and read valuable books. Most importantly,  build your relationship with God. He should be your foundation,  root and strength.  I talk about a deep and intimate relationship. Start early to enjoy the experience and benefits of knowing God personally. Start now to walk with Him so you can be accustomed to His voice and ways. Gets zealous for God.

Make this season an opportunity for investment in every area. You have a lesser responsibility now. Don’t wait till ‘reality’ sets in. Many get drowned because they are not prepared. They have a weak or no foundation to keep them. They are mediocre. Living a normal life to get a normal result. Take a step into the deep, deep treasures placed in you. If only you knew what you can do. Seize this opportunity and use wisely.

The world is waiting for you.

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