What have you in yourself?

It is what you are, what you have in you that counts.
It is the undeveloped resources in your mind, in your spirit, in that inward man that counts.
It is the developing of the writer, the thinker, the teacher, the inventor, the leader, the business manager that is hidden deep in you that is important.
I venture that everyone of you young men and women who read this have in you one of these abilities.
There may be an untrained voice, untrained musical abilities lying hidden under the careless, thoughtless exterior.
Let us go down with a flashlight and look over the untouched treasures that are stored away inside, that have never been touched, never been used.
Then let us bring the thing up that we find and make it worthwhile; give it a commercial value.
For remember that everything that goes toward making you a success is inside of you.
The thing that makes opportunities,  that makes money, that saves money, that creates new things, that brings together things that others have created but were unable to utilize, is inside of you.
Find it and make it work.
It is going to require a boss who is utterly heartless to rule over you. The boss is inside of you.
There is a slave driver in there whom you must bring out. Put the whip in his hand and tell him to go to it and make you a success.
There is something in you that can take these dreams of yours and make blue prints of them, and then can chnge the blue prints into buildings.
It is there.
That ability is there.
No one else can train it. No one else can develop it. Someone else may set it on fire, but you can quench the fire by refusing to act.
Remember that you must use the suggestions that come; you must rise up and put the thing over.
You must drive yourself,  for no one else can do it.
Put yourself on a mental diet, not a diet of idle dreams nor idle fancies, but a diet of real mental work.
Be mentally awake, dilligent. Put your best into everyday.
Make up your day of saved moments,  hours.
You are out to win. You are out to conquer. You can do it.
It would be different if this ability were in someone else and you were trying to awaken it.
It is all in you and you are going to put it over.

Extracted from; signposts on the road to success by E.W Kenyon.

Happy Independence day Nigeria!!!


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