Diary: Starting a new project


Starting something new can be exciting yet scary you want to back out before starting. I’m on the journey of starting a new project and sometimes I get so scared to my bones. I begin to doubt my creativity, my dreams, passion, lose self esteem and have a good rethink. It’s like quitting before starting. I guess this happens to almost everyone starting something new. There are always mixed feelings; positive and negative thoughts. The negative thoughts are just dream killers that tells you every reason why the new project is already a failure. It tells you why you can’t achieve it. It put doubts and fear in you.
Today, I’m sharing somethings I do when the negative thoughts try to find solace in me.
1. I go back to my source (I would write more about this later). I have a source where I get my strength, ideas and motivation…from God. I simply go to Him in prayer and read bible verses that keeps me going. Remember, a river that leaves it source runs dry.
2. I go through saved pictures on my smart phone that reminds me where am going.
3. I counter the negative thoughts with positive words. I speak the beautiful future to myself. It helps a lot.
4. I read interviews and stories of successful people in the industry am interested in. I have alot of them saved and I’ve read some countless times I could recite them to you.
5. I go through my goals and visions for my new project.

I see every project as a seed growing into a big fruitful tree. Starting out means just burying the seeds in the ground to germinate. it takes time, energy and patience to see it come out as a beautiful fruitful tree.

So whatever the project is; starting a new business,  learning something new, getting good grades, combining school with business, etc take the initiative and start. Do something…Action. And when that feeling/thoughts creep in you can try the list above. Don’t give in.
Enjoy where you are on your way to where you’re going.  Make every challenge a stepping stone to greater heights.

In other news(great news) Representeens would be rebranding totally. I’ve finally found a focus. Where to rest my head.*so happy*
Representeens would be a blog to promote teen enterpreneurs and leaders. To motivate aspiring young enterpreneurs in our country.(full post coming up soon)
Thanks for the views, comments and mails. Please don’t stop and let’s do more.♡♥♥
I promise to be more dedicated and consistent. Enough of the long breaks between posts.
Happy weekend…♡♡♡♡♡


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