Our young enterpreneur for this month is Adesona Abdulkareem of A-qube footprints. An upcoming unisex footwear brand proudly made in Nigeria.

Young Enterpreneur is a platform we celebrate and promote upcoming enterpreneurs in various fields.

Please introduce yourself?
My name is Adesona Abdulkareem, a graduate of Crawford University where I studied Microbiology , from a family of three. I was born in Lagos and had the better part of growing up in lagos.

Would you see yourselve as an enterpreneur?
Yes I do. Because I organise and manage my little enterprise.


What is the most fulfilling thing about what you do?
The ability for me to be able to get creative with my designs and also work with my own schedule with time which is one of the the advantages of an Enterpreneur.


How did it all start?
It all started about 3 years ago.I used to make my footwears (slippers, sandals) from a man around my house.At that point I stopped buying the so called ready made from shops because the quality of the hand made felt better. During the holidays pending the resumption of my final year at the University i used to go sitting at the same coblers place just to watch him and one day i decided to ask him to teach me everything he knew. With a small token it started and here i am today with my own shoeline.


How long have you been into shoemaking?
I would say about 9 months since I started to do it full time. I started during my Nigerian youth service year(2013/2014).


Challenges faced with? Challenges… The usual, PHCN and people not really appreciating the quality of what you do because it’s not labelled Versace, LV, and co.


What was the reaction of your parents?
Mum didn’t have a problem with it. she has always been supportive with anything we decide to do. Dad didn’t support initially but after he saw the footwears i made for people and how serious i was with it he even started giving me advice. For dad at first maybe the thought of him hearing his son was a Shoemaker turned him off or after many years in school i ended up becoming a Shoemaker Can’t really say. But all thats past now. I just made him see that my creativity isn’t stopping the usefulness of my school certificate. I made him understand this is me.


What makes your footwear different from other brands? It is the time and the materials i use in making the footwears. People pay for the best and i have to give them the best.

Where do you see your brand in the next three years?
Better than where it is.


Who are your role models or mentors?
My dad. The way he takes care of his responsibility. He taught me about time usuage and discipline(with the cane) lol. And many other things.


Encouraging words to upcoming young enterpreneurs?
If you find joy in it, “just do it”.


Get in contact with a-qube footprints today:
Call: 07061555310, 081-289-15677
Instagram: aqubefootprint

The first three people to comment and order get 20% discount on any pair of footwear ordered. Isn’t that great?
So hurry, comment and order a footwear from A-qube footprints. Please include your email address in the comment box

Contact us:

Have a wonderful Christmas.

We believe in you…


8 thoughts on “YOUNG ENTERPRENEUR: CEO A-qube footprints

  1. Nice 1 my dear friend ‘Decorum’ that’s what I call him. Tested and trusted, the sky is the starting point for you dear.

  2. The once upon a time care free friend s now free from d shackles n bondages of being bossed around, loving d inspiration

  3. This is beautiful. Thank you for making us proud. May your name and products be seen and mentioned in the four corners of the World.
    God bless you


  4. egbon wa, just remember, the sky is big enough for birds to fly, they dont collied……. but even so, dont be just a bird aim to be an eagle. GOD BLESS YOUR WORK.

  5. Wonderful and beautiful job, I really like all the design, simple and beautiful. Keep it up and God bless you.

  6. DS IS GREAT n Wonderful ! Very thought provoking. ! Ur demand shl soon be higher dan supply for EXPORTS , a good starting of a big establishment , Congrats. !

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