As one of the new ways of getting back on ground, Representeens is introducing Business Friday. This is for Teen Entrepreneurs between age 13-20 ready to take the next giant step- reaching out to the world. And do you know what? its FREE. yes, you read right. FREE! FREE! FREE!.
As one of our goals, we want to bring out the entrepreneur in you. There’s a need to promote entrepreneurship among young people so they don’t become dependent on the government later in life. The government cant do all. Remember the National Immigration Service Examination? Job seekers even lost their lives. We don’t want that happening again.

Business Friday comes up on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month. Lots of giveaways for the readers too. DONT MISS OUT!!!

1. You must be between age 13-20 with a genuine proof
2. You must follow our blog
3. You must be ready to work hard.

1. An advantage to reach a wide audience.
2. Possibility to network with people interested in your business.
3. Free training and counseling for a period to help you develop and build your business.
4. Loads of freebies



Please note: Because we are security conscious, we are very strict with guidelines and procedures.

Do you want to advertise your unique products and/or services?
Send a mail to with your name, type of business, age and a picture.

Take a step at a time!


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