Building self confidence

Self confidence is a feeling or consciousness of ones power, value and ability to succeed. Self confidence isn’t something you wake up and possess automatically; it has to be built day by day. Below are some of the strategies “secrets” to building your confidence:

Before getting someone to appreciate you and what you stand for, you have to appreciate yourself first. You need to see yourself as confident, wonderful, strong etc and others will see you the same way. You have to be confident in who you are if not it would be difficult for the other person to have confidence in you. To build your own confidence, you have to know your worth and this can be done by recalling your past success, be aware of your unique skills, loving relationships and you’ll be amazed at how much you have going for you and how priceless you are. (Note: do not dwell on your past glory! Just use them as pointers to what you are capable of doing in the future)

Although clothes don’t make the man, they certainly affect the way he feels about himself. When you don’t look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interact with people. Make significant improvements be bathing, wearing clean and neatly ironed clothes, smelling nice and dressing responsible and decent. Your appearance is the first impression the other person has of you. Strive to make a positive lasting impression.

One of the greatest ways to get a person to appreciate you and develop confidence in you is through the way you carry yourself. How do you walk? How do you talk? As a matter of fact, one of the easiest ways to tell how a person feels about themselves is to examine the way they walk. Is it slow? Tired? Painful? Energetic?. The moment you step into a room, your carriage is what draws the attention to you. By having a good posture, standing straight, keeping your head up, and making a good eye contact, you’ll make a positive confident impression on others and instantly feel more alert and empowered.

Most times, when we think negatively about ourselves we often project that feeling on to others in the form of insults and gossip. Refuse to engage in back stabbing gossip and make efforts to compliment those around you. In the process, you’ll become liked and build self confidence. People who are bitter, jealous, negative and gossip a lot are those who have problems with themselves. Remember, you cannot give out what you don’t have. By looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.

You should try to sit in the front during programs maybe in the school, meeting and public assemblies. Around the world, most people prefer the back seat because they are afraid of being noticed or think that is what make you “cool”(Big boys and big girls). But that is a lie, sitting at the back most time depicts lack of confidence. However, by deciding to sit at the front row, you can get over any irrational fear you feel and build your self confidence.

By making an effort to speak up at least once in every group discussion, you’ll become a better public speaker, more confident in your own thoughts and recognised as a leader by your peers. The more positive contributions you give, the more rewards, respects and recognition you get.

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