INTERVIEW: Meet the next great saxophonist of our time-Gbaja Olaoluwa Samuel

Meet the next great saxophonist in Nigeria. His name is Gbaja Olaoluwa Samuel but fondly known as Ola-sax(The SAX-LORD). A 19 year old student with a unique talent of playing instruments. He is a professional with the drum, the piano and now “the saxophone”. Apart from playing instruments, he is also sings. During his pursuit for excellence, he encountered a lot of discouragements but none kept him down. Today, he is worthy of celebration.
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Interview by: Ibiere pa-briggs

What was your first song ever sung?
The way you love me by Ola-sax

When did you first start singing?
Six years ago at church. Being a pastor’s son, I was in the choir.

Is your family in support of this?
Yes they are. Though it took time to convince them

What genre of music do you sing?
Gospel and jazz

What’s the first five songs on your playlist?
Femi kuti “africa”, B.J-Sax “Yaya”, Yemi-Sax, Kunle Ajayi, Mike Aremu

A celebrity you would love to feature with?
Yemi sax

Do you compose your songs yourself?
Yes, but sometimes I play popular tunes at social gatherings and for entertainment too.

Tell us about your first performance?
Wow! It was a great day. I was so scared I even went off-key but I covered up with dance skills and other special-skills I had. After the show I was given 500naira. I was so discouraged but my brother encouraged me and said one day I’d be the one to pay people. And I have been working towards that dream for sometime now. it’s beginning to manifest

What messages do your often pass across with your songs?
That God is the best person to praise and stick with because he has too much benefits than you using your talent for any other purpose. He recently provided a Brazilian White-Gold sax for me without spending a kobo or travelling to brazil.

Favourite musicians home and abroad?
Bee-jay sax, Mike-aremu, Kunle Ajayi, Yemi sax among others.

Favourite song of all time?
YAYA by Bee-jay sax

Embarrassing moment
When I used to practice, people would always complain about the noise. One day a neighbour came to my house, said am a disaster and I should give my Saxophone to a beggar on the road to beg for alms that I can never make a living/name out of it.

Why did you choose music? What inspires you to sing?
Because I discovered that I was so good with instruments. I was the first and only drummer in my church before others join. I also play the keyboard and finally my saxophone is what I major in right now. I just know God put this values in me and I must project them .
My inspiration comes from the holy spirit.

Make a wish
I wish Gospel artistes in Nigeria were respected and given the same rating with secular artistes. Because our Industry is growing and we are actually doing great things not only in this country but outside too.

Tell us about your aspirations in life and the legacy you want to be known for?
I would love to be the greatest saxophonist in my time and be a living and gone Legend. I Want to be a minister of the gospel, doing great things for Him and have lots of awards to His glory.

From the Representeens team, we wish you a successful journey to greatness.

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