TEENS SPEAK: How far can you go to be succesful?

How far can you go to be successful? Different individuals to their limits. While some would go any length to be termed ‘successful’ others would rather take limited steps.
Let’s read what our teenagers have to say.

By: Ronke Adesona

As far as working really hard~rolake

As far as life takes me which is eternity~Mariam

Any length~Taiwo

Very far~Kosby

Would not go extra mile to be successful but do things that will be pleasing unto the LORD to be very successful~Adeolu

Very far. But in accordance with what is right though~KehindeL

As far as it takes~Tolu

Very far and to make my mum proud and so my kids will have the best in life~Mistura

Very far~Titi

Any length~Babalola

As far as possible~Hayoor

I will do my best~Kenny

Very far, but not far enough to harm others or do something illegal~Olawunmi

As far as I can go~Imo

Any length~Phemmy

Very very far~Victor

Any length. As long as no one’s getting hurt~Lara

Any means that is LEGAL~Tosin

Way too far~Oyex

‘Uncountable’ million to be successful~Kadija

Very far, Any legal and morally upright means~Esther

I will do my very best~Aisha

However far it takes#NoLimits~Juwon

As far its doing better than Dangote~Gabriel

Anything it takes~Ellen

Legal or illegal, either dirty or clean, being successful is not optional for me. What I know is that I cant kill to b successful. My family must be proud of me~Biodun

very far~Tola

As far as it takes~Tomi

very far~Jide

I can’t say but am ready to do anything apart from bad things~Dare

very far~jeffery

I don’t know~Laolu

As far as I have the ability to~Tosin

Would go all length with almighty God with me~Kofo

First I have to live, think and act like like a successful person and I believe that successful people do the things I do like going to d cinemas and all sort except that they do the things necessary to succeed So, I’ll just make the effort successful people make.~Kenny K.

You have read the opinions of others. What do you think? How far can you go to be successful?
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