A story of HOPE

A story of HOPE
If only Mrs T* knew what was in for her when she got married…

Mrs T was a successful business woman who travelled to neighbouring countries to get her wares. An hard working woman that never settled for less. She grew up in a polygamous home with so much rivalry and hatred. A home where one rule stood firmly.”Once you get married, you have no business with the family again. No coming back”. She inherited her source of wealth from her late mother. Hardwork and favour from God made it a success. Mrs T is a wonderful mother to four children. She loved her husband and never complained about his incapability to provide for the family. She was practically the bread winner of the family.

Several years in the marriage and a big problem sprouted. Her husband was becoming a gambler. His addiction for gambling grew so bad that he stole the family’s money for the act. Anytime Mrs T tried talking to him about this act, it would turn into a big fight. It became an habit for Mrs T to give excuses/lies to friends and family for the marks on her body or her husbands adulterous lifestyle. This continued for a while. On a fateful day, Mrs Tee realised her husband took the sum of #115,000(meant to revive her crumbling business) without her consent. She was very angry. All methods to get the money back or an explanation was in vain. Instead, she got the beating of her life. He threatened her to shut her mouth or she would be a dead meat. Her marriage was worse than hell. He gambled with the first, second till the third car. And the beating continued till Mrs T lost an eye in the process. When he realised the extent of the harm he did, he ran away leaving her with four kids. Till date, Mr T is yet to return home. Everything Mrs T ever worked for crumbled and so did her life. In a span of 10 years, she lost her marriage, her business packed up and she lost an eye.

Some friends and family helped Mrs T. She moved from a friend to another to live and feed. She could not afford the house rent anymore. Mrs T sold some of the properties in order to pay for her children’s school fees. She literally lived like a beggar. Her children were terribly affected. It got so bad that her first child started stealing because he wasn’t getting anything again. Life changed so bad for them. A once comfortable woman with everything now living with nothing. She gave up on life.

The transformation for mrs T started two years ago when she was an apprentice in a salon. There, she met with favour. Her boss was a philanthropist and practically took care of her needs. Her encouraging words and good deeds turned Mrs T’s life around. There, she learnt a lot and decided to pick up the pieces of her life. She refused to allow her situation tie her to the ground completely. She had found hope. A reason to live and live well. As a mother, she has vowed to give her children the best. She refused to let the experience ruin her entire life. It took her years before she got the strength, determination and courage to get back on her feet. Now, She is ready to start again from the scratch. Mrs T is now in her mid 40s and owns a very small salon. She lives in a small furnished rented apartment and manages well with what she has. She is working hard to soar higher than before. She hasn’t giving up on her dreams to provide her children with the best.

*Mrs T is a secondary school certificate holder.

Her story teaches hope when there is life. Giving up is not an option, it is only an excuse for laziness. Mrs T could have chosen to live a sad and hopeless life all her years but she chose to stand up again.
Stay hopeful!

You can send in your story of hope, love, peace, victory etc to inspire and impact readers to representeens@gmail.com


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