18 year old teen forced to drink acid by jilted boyfriend

A teenage girl suffered severe burns after her jilted ex-boyfriend allegedly tricked her into meeting, forced her to drink acid and pushed her into the sea.

Reports in India claim the girl was previously dating Jitendra Sakhpal, 21, who had proposed, but she refused to marry him and ended the relationship because her family did not approve of the unemployed man. The girl’s father reportedly told police the boy was harassing them, and one female relative claimed that Sakhpal had threatened to kill the girl’s father, according to IBNLive.com.

Sakhpal has been arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The attack happened on Saturday at Gorai Beach in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Both residents of Dahisar in Mumbai. The 18-year-old girl, an HSC student who comes from Borivali, was met by Sakhpal as she left college on Saturday, according to police.

‘On Saturday, Sakpal met the girl outside her college in Gorai and asked her to accompany him for a stroll. The duo took a boat and reached Gorai village,’ senior inspector Deepak Bagwe told  the Times of India. The inspector said Sakhpal tried to convince his ex to rekindle their relationship, but when she refused he allegedly pulled out the acid.

According to police, he allegedly held the girl’s mouth and tried to pour it in. Some of it spilled on her face and she suffered 10-15 per cent burns. Doctors are now trying to assess how much internal damage she as sustained.

Jitendra Sakpal is escorted to court after allegedly forcing his ex-girlfriend to drink toilet cleaner

‘Sakhpal seems to have planned it in advance as he was carrying the acid with him,’ deputy commissioner of police Mahesh Patil, told the Times of India.

The news service says that after the girl’s father complained to police about the boy, the two attended the police station and ‘gave in writing that they will not meet again and the issue was sorted,’ said Deepak Bagawe, senior inspector at Gorai police.

One of the girl’s relatives told local news service IBNLive.com: ‘We had earlier lodged a complaint about him. He used to torture her and beat her up in public. He had even threatened to kill her and her father.

The girl’s condition is improving but she is still not able to give a statement, according to police quoted in DNAIndia.com.

Source: Dailymail


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