The new you: HUMILITY by Babalola Olusegun

Humility is best defined as the quality of being modest and respectful. It is a priceless virtue and basically needed for anybody who wants to get to the top and maintain that shot in any sphere of life.

Humility is not the absence of weakness; it is the acknowledgement of your weakness as what you can work on. It is not the absence of achievement; it is seeing your achievements as what you should put under you and not over you as you strive for more. It is the exact opposite of pride and does not rub you off yourself esteem. Rather, it brings honour. This fact is evident in the lives of the most humble teachers the world has ever known like the Lord Jesus Christ, Moses, Mother Theresa and Gandhi. Here are the highlights about humility as taught by them.

-Teach others the principles of humility by your lifestyle.

-Recognise someone somewhere is better than you, if not on earth, at least God in heaven.

-Don’t always boast about your achievements; let others do that for you.

-Acknowledge that no matter what you have achieved, something is still more challenging. So focus your energy on overcoming it.

-Admit you can learn from anybody, anything at anytime

-Develop a teachable spirit.

-Learn to serve others first.

-Always commend people for their time and energy and make an effort to compliment those around you.

-Develop a forgiving spirit for those who hurt you no matter their offence.

-Learn to take to correction and always admit you are wrong when you are.

With constant practice and consciousness of these simple facts, your name could one day join the shortlist of world’s true humble teacher. As you aspire for greatness, never forget the key that unlocks the door which is humility.
From today, glow with the new you.

Have a great week!

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