6 Things to do before ASUU strike is over

Its been over 10 weeks since ASUU started their indefinite strike due to the failure of the federal government to meet their needs. Its been quite frustrating for some students affected and they can’t wait to return back to school. Boredom and idleness have become their closest pals.

I created this list to help get you busy. Asides going to the cinema, preparing for exams, helping your parents and visiting friends, here is a list of things to do before the strike is over.

1. Learn a new habit: Everyone has an old habit that we need to break off from. Write a list of habits you would love to change and start acting on them one after another. For example, biting nails, a wrong walking/sitting posture, use of certain words, etc. Endeavour to see a positive change at the end.

2 . Learn a new skill: Is there something you would like to learn about? This is the perfect time to do so. You can do this through a skills acquisition program or with the use of the internet wonders of google Learn a new skill per week. This can be practised even after the strike is over and a sure way to develop yourself mentally.

3. Join a unit or be a volunteer for a community program around you. Help raise awareness about a certain cause. Be active. Search for opportunities around you and have fun doing that.

4. Do something different. Try something new and odd. leave your comfort zone. Search for a new interest. It must be something legal and harmless. You can take a cue from your bucket list too. For instance, try reading the a section in our local newspaper you always avoid.

5. Go to a different place. Many of us have been to these places but only as kids or a group outing. This time, its just you. Visit an orphanage, a disabled home, hospital,or an elderly home around you. Make plans with two or three friends and take few things along like your old clothes, food items, or/and provisions.

6. A vacation job. Search for a local vacation job around you with the aim of getting more experience. Be less concerned if you are paid for the services. You can ask for a transportation allowance where necessary and remember to seek the consent of your parents/guardian.

Do you have more interesting ideas? share with us your list of things to do before the strike is over.

Don’t forget: An idle man is the devils workshop. Get your mind and hands busy. Avoid going around feeling frustrated and depressed about the situation.

Make wise use of time.

Have a beautiful week!
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