Turn on your lights!

Imagine you being in a pitch dark room trying to find your way to the door and suddenly the light comes on, there would be a sigh of relief and ease. You also would find your way to the door in no time. This explains one of the usefulness of light to mankind.

Light is the fundamental necessity of life. God himself knew this and that was why during creation, he made the sun and moon. The sun to brightened the day and the moon for the night. He knew what would become of us in total darkness and that was why the first thing he created was light. It symbolises the power of vision. And as his children, he expects our lights to shine before men. In this context, the light is your gift and talent.

When God made men, he deposited in him gifts. Like planet Earth is rich in natural resources so is man. We all have a valuable treasure on the inside. You have a gift, which is the seed of greatness. No matter how silly you think that gift is, you were born to do what no other can do. Your gift is different from any other person. The seed is in you and no one, no situation, no setbacks, no defeat can take it from you. Its in-built and custom made. The only thing that can rob you of your gifts is the grave.

Have you switched off the light in you? Or is your light dim because of issues faced? What is stopping your light from shinning so bright? You have what it takes to shine bright. Quit the laziness, indiscipline, negative attitudes and self-pity. Turn on your light that’s the easiest way to find the door of fulfilment and success. You can never Imagine the great opportunities in store for you by being dormant. Tap into that bright future today. God has wonderful plans for every man. And the only way to be a beneficiary is to use the seed(s) deposited in you.

A single seed can turn into a giant and fruitful tree. This can only be accomplished by sowing on a fertile soil, watering consistently, watching out for pest and weeds and by believing in your seed. God does the miracle of growing the tree. But he expects us to take part in it. How do you care for your seeds? Do you know that seed and how to care for it?

Discover yourself! Men/people who discovered resources like oil, coal, diamond, gold etc did not discover them in one day. It took them days even years and a lot of trials. Search for what gives you unexplainable joy. Take note of things you do with ease. You would know within you where your treasure lies.
After oil was discovered, it wasn’t left there as a decoration. It was worked upon. And now, crude oil is used in thousands of ways. In other words, improve/develop on the gifts you have. That is your duty and the part you have to play. Hard work, persistence, discipline and a positive attitude is necessary.
Also, believe in your gifts. Do not allow anyone or circumstances kill your dream. Bring out the best in your gifts. You would be surprised at the millions you can achieve with one seed. Walk closely with God. He put it in you, so he knows the best use of it.

Have you ever been amazed when nature is at work? Or when you hear astonishing facts about man or the universe? Most times, you’ll be forced to hail the great God. In a similar way, let your works make men marvel and glorify God. Learn to use your gifts/talents for yourself, people around you, nations and to the glory of God.

You control the switch to your life. You have to decide to turn on, stay dim, stay full or turn off. This month, aim to maximise the gifts and talents deposited in you. Keep the light on always and at its brightest. All you need to grow your seed is in you. Don’t leave any seed untouched. Don’t underestimate any either. God knows the reason why he put all in you. He knows what you are capable of. How much of your gifts and talent are you using?

Turn on your lights!!
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Have a beautiful week!


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