INTERVIEW: The brain behind Manoshia clothing-AIMANOSHI DANIA. A young, determined and talented fashion designer.

The sky is definitely the stepping stone for Aimanoshi Dania, the brain behind manoshia clothing. The Edo-born young lady is from a christian background. A proud daughter of Engr David Dania and Mrs Alice Dania and the first born in three girls.
Aimanoshi has proven herself to be a strong willed enterpreneur. She is successfully running her fashion house and also a student of the University of Lagos. The. 20-year old creative director of Manoshia, expresses her in-depth love for fashion and art. In. Everything she does, modesty is her key word which makes her stand out from the rest.

Interview by Ellen Affah

How did you discover your love for fashion
Well I had been drawing since I was 2 and had the passion for art which grew into my obsession for fashion. I loved being different. I like colours, love prints, love patterns and love designing clothes for different body types. My fashion designing trade in the year 2009. My mum says when I was younger if she wore me a dress similar to my sisters I would either look for my hair ruffles or hair accessories and attach them to the dress just to look different.

What do you find challenging when it comes to your work
What I find challenging some times is electricity and how much I spend on fuel its necessary to have light when your dealing with a product like clothing.

How do you finance your clothing line considering the fact that you are a student
I work extremely hard. I sell my sketches to make some quick cash to put into my business. Fashion entails risks and investments. I Invest some of my pocket money into the business instead on spending it on junk or credit. I sacrifice so that the business is up and running

How do you satisfy your clients
I satisfy my clients with my services. I make it is as stress free as possible the only thing I consider as stress for them is trying on the clothes and making sure it fits. I meet the clients, derive styles that fit their various body types be it a pear shape,apple shape, inverted triangles, round or even hour glass figures etc along side their personalities and insecurities. I make my clients feel really good in their own skin. I design clothes for full figured ladies and also the spidery long legged ladies. I have no flare seggregation.

Your choice of study and do you intend on going into fashion fully after school
I am a student of the university of lagos. A creative art student and a visual major. Fashion is art, art is my genesis. It is in my very gene. Fine art is very much related to fashion based on different levels I.e aesthetic values, appreciation, utilisation etc.

How well do people respond when they know you are a young fashion designer
Well depends on what they are looking for. At first I may get under estimated because am just 20 and young but I always prove them wrong with my designs, fabric choices and finishing the total delivery. Recently, one client I made a dress for introduced quite a number of people that am presently making clothes for which has boosted my confidence and zeal.

What is art to you
Art to me is life. Its a life style, a trend, it is a means of communication, it helps us honour and celebrate our cultures and tradition so does fashion.

Define your style
My style if I may say is distinct because I have art as my background. I love to be comfortable but in a stylish way. My main goal is to have a lot of fun while approaching fashion or styling in general but the first rule of clothing is to cover nakedness which seems to be forgotten this days by several designers. I love daring sexy outfits but still in a modest way.

Projects working on
Am working on a new shop getting a bigger space more crew members probably a sewing training for people that want to learn, collaboration with a wedding planner to make her clients outfits or bridal party, and finally Manoshia ready to wear on a large scale.

A celebrity you would love to dress
I’ll say waje I feel she is beautiful but a few stylist dress her the same way in bulky clothes that do nothing for her beautiful curves

My advise for teens will be if you love something fight for it. Don’t give up to make anyone happy but your self. Its your life. You will live and eventually die alone, don’t waist your time pleasing people. Do things that make you feel happy and proud of your self. Career wise what comes to you naturally should be your focus for looking for a line of occupation.

-Aimanoshi dania 07065702485. or

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Ellen Affah

Ellen Affah

From Representeens team, we wish you success as Manoshia journeys to become an household name
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