A 14-YEAR-OLD girl killed herself after being bullied by vile internet trolls on a notorious social networking site.

Hannah Smith was found dead on Friday after being sent abusive messages on the popular site Ask.fm.

The teen is believed to have hung herself after being taunted on the interest-based question and answer website.

Sickening messages telling the youngster to “drink bleach” and “go get cancer” were left on her profile page, according to other users.

The day before she killed herself, Hannah, from Lutterworth, Leicestershire, posted a picture message on her Facebook page which read: “You think you want to die, but in reality you just want to be saved.”

Her devastated parents posted the heartbreaking news online, with her father Dave Smith writing on his Facebook page: “My heart is broken in 2 and is gonna take a long time to repair I just hope that none of you have to go through the pain I’m going through right now and love u all.

” What is left after hannah took her own life.

Mr Smith, 45, said Hannah’s sister, Jo, is unable to go upstairs by herself since her the tragedy.

He said: “I drink too much thinking it will help it doesn’t.”

“I keep a tissue in my pocket for the next time the tears come.”

“The television hasn’t been on for 3 days cant bear to watch it”

“We have to go for walks regular as we cant bear being in this empty house.”

Ask.fm, which launched in 2010, has been heavily criticised by anti-bullying charities because it allows users to post anonymous comments or questions – often of a sexual or insulting nature – on the pages of children as young as 13.

The notorious social networking website has been described by child safety experts as a ‘stalker’s paradise’.

An online petition has been set-up criticising the site and demanding it to be shut down.

Hannah’s stepmother Deb, 41, posted on it: “We are behind you on getting this vile website shut down………..my beautiful step daughter Hannah Smith tragically took her life this week , we have since found out she was being bullied on Ask.fm. “Rest in peace my baby xxxxxx”

It’s not the first time a teenager has took their own life after being trolled on the website.

Josh Unsworth, 15, from Lancashire, had endured months of abusive messages on his profile and was found hanged in his parent’s garden in April.

Last year, Irish teens Ciara Pugsley, 15, from Leitrim and Erin Gallagher, 13, from Donegal, took their own lives after being subjected to anonymous bullying on the site.

The controversial Latvian-based website has become one of the world~s most popular social networks after its newly released official smart phone app became a huge online hit.

A tribute page has been set-up on social media websites in memory of the tragic teenager, who had an older sister called Jo, and has gained support from more than 4,000 people.

The page described Hannah as a ‘beautiful young girl who everyone loved very much.’

Hannah’s cousin, Matt Hubbard, paid tribute to her and said: “Most energetic and daft girl I’ve ever met it was a pleasure to be your cousin!”

Campaign group Harborough Against bullying Midlands said: “We were saddened today to hear of a girl of only 14 taking her life. She was being bullied. Our heart felt thoughts are with her loved ones at this tragic time.”

The petition says cyber-bullying is an increasing problem in the UK and states: “Cyber-Bullying has been an ever increasing problem within the UK for a considerable amount of time with one of the biggest offenders becoming Ask.Fm, a site popular amongst young people where posts can be made with confidence anonymously which has led to bullying, mental health problems and suicides as well as grooming.
“The problem cannot be allowed to persist and whilst there is public opinion about digital rights please sign if you would like the Government to step in and insist that Ask.fm and similar sites help us protect our young people.

“They are able to join from the age of 13 and can post anonymously. There is no option to block other users and only a basic ‘report’ button.”


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