Thank God its AUGUST!

Thank God its August!

This month should be all about thanksgiving to God. Last month I wrote about keep calm and don’t give up. If you missed it, please check here.
Jolly july: Keep calm and dont give up

I have lots of reasons to thank God. Its like counting all my blessings and naming them one by one. Am amazed at what God has done for me.

I would start by thanking Him for my life, for the past months and years, my daily meal (I love food a lot and wonder what would happen to me without it. A cup of garri ijebu and groundnut does wonder to my soul), for His grace, love, mercies, listening ears, promises, strength, inspiration and patience(to put up with someone like me). Every individual has a tale. Search your heart deeply,you would realise there’s a lot to thank Him for.

A songwriter said “praise will confuse the enemies” . When things don’t go as planned, when you are broke, when you are sad, in tears, in pain, in a situation words can’t define, confused and weak, praise Him in advance. Your enemies will definitely be confused,the victory is yours. A thankful heart brings pleasure to God and satan is defeated because thankfulness during difficult times is a sacrifice pleasing to God.

How can you thank God? Call him sweet, wonderful names, sing praises to Him, sing hymns to Him; give Him your dance and clap offering, give Him a thankful heart; share His goodness to people, that’s one of the best ways to show God has been so good to you.

No matter how silly the reason sounds to you and to others, it counts to Him. He deserves it and more.
For the little natural things( excreting, feeding, respirating etc) – Thank Him. Some people have died or are in serious discomfort because they can’t do that.

For waking up everyday – Thank Him. Like the saying goes:”if you think its your alarm clock that wakes you up every morning, try putting it near a corpse.”

For the known and the unknown battles He has fought and the ones He’s yet to fight -Thank Him. Only if God could open your spiritual eyes to see the battles He has fought for you.

For the air you breathe – Thank Him. Have you ever imagined what would happen if the air we breath was packaged like a drip or water and sold? You know how much you would be able to afford.

For forgiving your sins, healing your diseases, for His marvellous creations( nature, animals, birds, insects, plants, trees, etc) – Thank Him!

Only an ingrate would say in his heart, there is nothing to thank God for. Nowadays, you don’t have to go to the hospital to know how to give thanks. Our newspapers, news channels, social media and things happening around us tells alot . Are you still thinking of a reason to thank Him?

Have you heard of the story of a wealthy man who lost his 10 children, 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 1,000 herds of cattle and 500 donkeys just in one day? Yes! ONE DAY. And was also inflicted with an incurable disease. What trouble could be worse than that? Yet this man tore his clothes in grief. He shaved his head and threw himself on the floor, with his face buried in the ground he said “I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing. The lord gave, and now has taken away. May His name be praised!” Wonderful!

In this month of August, we are forgetting all our problems. No complain, no grumbling, no worry, no fear. We are leaving all at the Master’s feet and not looking back to check if He picked them up. We are thanking him all the way.

A thankful heart is an healthy heart. It brings contentment and joy. A thankful heart prepares the way for God’s blessings. A Worried and fearful heart is willing to accommodate illness (depression, headache, insomnia, high/low blood pressure etc). So, its pays to be thankful at all time.
May God grant us a cause to remain thankful this month and forever. Amen.
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