CELEBRITY: Beautiful Entertainer/presenter, TOMI OJO talks about her love for what she does…

Beautiful Oluwatomilola Oluwakemi Ojo is an entertainer/presenter. She is popularly known as tomi ojo. In this interview with her, she talks about her love for entertaining and goes down memory lane to her teenage years. Her funny, loving and exciting personality glows so bright and extends to people around her. She is truly born to entertain. Tomi ojo loves what she does and she is very fulfilled.


Tell us about your educational background
I attended chrisland primary school, did my js1 to jss 2 second term in Grait High School. And finished up in Home Science Association secondary school. I attended University of Lagos, Akoka. Studied creative arts, theatre to be precise and served in Ogun State, Ota in particular.

Training? Formal and informal
Well I guess its both formal and informal, because I studied theatre arts in school, and the stage is quiet different from the camera. I learnt somethings about camera on my first shoot like you don’t shout on camera because you have a microphone on and you don’t over do expressions because there is a camera taking everyone’s closeup

How it all started
It started from school-stage and then a friend of mine, dede ogheneovo, took me to genesis. I went through an audition and was called back for a second audition and that was it. I got a major role.

Describe your typical day?
Very simple day. If am not on set,then am just chilling..that’s it.

As an entertainer/presenter, what do you do?
Well I entertain I guess*laughs*

Challenges of the industry?
As an upcoming entertainer/presenter, it is very challenging. But I know God in his infinite mercies has been very good to me.

Projects currently working on?
So wrong so wright, footprint, kilanta, hanging out a live programme on nta every monday’s..and some other things I can’t talk about yet.

Why you love what you do?
Its very fulfilling.

Embarrassing experience you’ve had
Well for now, none.

What was it like growing up?
Growing up was really fun. It was a full house. I played games like ludo, ten ten, suwe, boju boju o, mummy and daddy, catcher, animal place and things, change your style *laughs*

Best memory as a teen?
That was when I was in ss1. The first time I collected prizes in three different subjects. It felt really good.

Silly thing you did as a teen?
Stealing meat in the pot. yeah! *laughs*

tomi ojo with gt da guitarman

tomi ojo with gt da guitarman

Myth/superstitions you grew up with but laugh at it when u remember?
Alot o. Don’t share egg; Don’t put your hand in the rain, thunder will strike; Don’t carry *baff of water on your head, you will be short; Don’t eat at an entrance, you will never be satisfied…crazy! *laugh*

Name one challenge you faced as a teen that most teens face now and possible solutions
Not knowing my actual future ambition…well,try to figure out what you really love doing.

Believe in God. That is the most important thing and every other thing can follow.

*Baff -a big plastic bucket

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