INTERVIEW: Gifted hands at work….Marietta Agathe Schulze, a teen artist talks about her passion for art.

“What adults can do, teens can do, and even better.” This is true for Marietta Agathe Schulze, a diploma student in the University of Lagos. She is an aspiring artist who started drawing as early as five years old and following her passion has led her to the great path of success. Even without formal training other than in secondary school, her works are amazing and professional. It would make you wonder if truly it was done by a teenager. Certainly, following where your passion lies makes you excel and celebrated.

Interview by: Ellen Affah

How did you discover your passion for arts and at what age?
I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, but I truly realised I loved art in my junior secondary school years.

How do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration could come to me at anytime, anywhere and usually it sources from my emotions at that time.

Tell us about your first drawing?
Ha! I’m guessing you mean first drawing ever, and I must say, those stick, fork-fingered figures of my family were pretty good coming from a 5 year old 🙂

Is there any artist you relate to(role-model)?
This might sound a little arrogant, although I love the works of Victor Van Gore, I pretty much believe in and rely on my own art.

Do you draw as a career or hobby?
I wouldn’t call it a hobby. It is more like a passion. I guess its sort of a part time career, since I occasionally do portraits for people and get paid.

How long have you been drawing?
Like I said, I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember but I began doing proper drawings in JS1.

What is the best thing about being an artist?
Its the ability to express your emotions and tell the world who you are through your work.

As an artist what are your basic challenges?
I sometimes have trouble expressing emotions through art because am not a very good imaginative artist i.e. I Have problems drawing my imaginations.

Favourite work?
That has to be my “Mother and Child” drawing done in ink using the pointilism shading technique.

If not art, what would it be?
It would be either Marine Biology or Zoology since I love biology and nature as a whole. Actually, I was a science student in secondary school and I was even going to study Dentistry in the university course I thought I would have no future in art. But my undeniable lack of flair for Chemistry Physics and Further Maths punched me in the right direction.

How do you juggle drawing and school activities?
Its not so hard since I draw for the bulk of my marks in school but I’ve had to stop selling portraits for a while in order to focus on school work.

How often do you make these artworks and are they just drawings?
I don’t do portraits very often except I want to sell. I do drawings and a little bit of craft but like I said I’m an artist in training and I came to school to learn painting.

Aside drawing, what do you do?
I love to sing. I’ll probably be a musician in my next life 🙂 For a while I wanted to learn to play about 5 instruments and be in an orchestra. That dream is still somewhere on the side. Next to fine arts is my love for music.
Are your parents in full support of what you are doing considering the fact that most parents don’t like their kids going into courses like arts?
My mum was the one who wanted me to study dentistry because she believed art wouldn’t bring in money but after I explained how I wouldn’t be able to cope with a science course she understood and now she is in full support. My dad always encouraged me to do what I love.

Fondest memory of your growing years
The week during which I and my cousin would go out every day after the rain with the excuse that we were going to get provisions for the house, while our real mission was picking snails along the road.

Describe your personality?
I’m friendly and outgoing at first meeting but as you get to know me, you realise how reserved and complicated I really am.

What people don’t know about you?
People have no idea who Max is. That is my second personality.

Future plans?
I plan on opening an art gallery, selling my works and doing expeditions until hopefully, I become a world famous artist.

Advice to teens
If you are currently a science student in secondary school and you have a passion for the arts and find yourself not doing too good in your science courses…run away! You are NOT a science student. Trust me.

Ellen Affah
From the Representeens team, we wish you the best and greater achievements.

Hope you enjoyed the interview.
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