JOLLY JULY: Keep calm and dont give up

Welcome to July! The beginning of the second half of the year. Hopefully, a month of wonderful, sweet experiences, a month of laughter and great memories. Its going to be a month of perfection for everyone. May the good things of July and this second half never pass us by.

Last month, I wrote about two things to do in June. If you missed it, check here HELLO JUNE. So, how many of you appreciated your family members or friends with something from your heart? Or how many dropped a good number of dirty or negative words? Remember, God is watching us on ’15D’, so no lies.
Also, June 25th was father’s day. Did you celebrate your father? Do you that your father is the real “superman”. Its not an easy task being a mother though. Your father is the head of the family. Kudos to all great and responsible fathers around the world!

Don’t ever give up

Here is a story of a dog, Jean. Jean would always stay at his master’s doorstep whenever he was hungry and within minutes, he would be given food to eat. This was a regular habit. One fateful day, he went to the doorstep as usual but realised something else. His master was very upset. Instead of his food, Jean was chased away. He tried a second time and this time, he was chased away with a big stick. Feeling sad, Jean went away for a while but he did not give up. He continued trying till the twelfth time. Then, his master gave up. He brought Jean’s food to him so he could have some rest.

What are you going through that is making you think of giving up. Is it your grades at school? An addiction you wish to stop but you find yourself still doing it over again? A great pressure to do wrong which you’ve been resisting for too long? A failed project? A situation that seems hopeless?
Keep trying. Don’t ever give up! Things might not seem right or go the way you want it but it would surely turn out right one day. When two wrestlers are battling, someone must give up for the other to be crowned a winner. In this situation, your obstacle or situation should give up not the other way around. Don’t quit! Don’t stop pushing through. Quitters never win and winners never quit. Keep trying till you get what you desire. During this quest, don’t settle for less, aim for the best. Anytime you fall, stand up, dust yourself and move on. It is not always easy, but it is worth it at the end.
If the first half of 2013 did not go well, don’t worry, you have a brand new, ‘tear rubber’ second half to start with to get things right.

Today, you are having a complete makeover. I have a stylist who is simply the best at making people look amazing. Let’s try this new dress of healthy mental attitude, a wrist-watch that works according to God’s time, a shiny new shoe of determination, a bag of strength and a professional make-up of a lovely smile. Wow, Perfect! Are you not looking and feeling beautiful already?

There’s a new friend in town who is ready to rock and roll. He is called July *winks*. I can feel you both would end up as jolly friends. Are you not loving this month already? Well, I am.
Have a JOLLY JULY!!!
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