Easy steps to have an A in maths

Not many students like maths. They give many excuses like its boring, its hard, its not practical, my maths teacher is strict etc. They act frustrated, hopeless and worried when it comes to maths and end up bagging F’s, E’s, and D’s. However, that story can be turned around into a success story with the right attitude and habits. You are reading this article because you want to know the secret to having an A in maths. This is the very first step(interest). Many of your mates are not interested let alone prepared. I must commend your good start.

The following steps, in no particular order, would make you smile at your maths result at the end of the term/semester.

-Believe in yourself and believe God to help you. Reject failure and embrace the spirit of excellence. Set your mind to the goal you want to achieve and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Be ready and determined. Don’t underestimate yourself again. From today, see yourself as a maths genius and nothing less.
Always pray to God for wisdom and he would help you.
Check Quotes to fuel your passion.

-Concentrate squarely in class. Take notes when in class and avoid distractions. Circle or write down questions you have. If you can’t ask immediately, see the teacher after the class or a student good at maths. But its best you ask your questions immediately so you don’t pile up too many questions.

-Practise and study well. Set aside 30mins-1hr everyday to practise mathematics. Practise makes perfect. The more you practise, the more you see your weaknesses and get better. Don’t over work yourself. Also, make sure your study space is free from distractions(music, movies, phones, friends etc)

-Take all your assignments and class works seriously. They help you prepare 50% for your exams. If you are in the habit of copying from your friend, stop that. Instead, attempt the question anyway you understand it and compare with your friends work for corrections before submitting it.

-Start preparing for your test/exam as soon as you are aware. Don’t wait the night before the test/exam. Its makes you nervous and unprepared. You would realise you have topics you haven’t revised and that would make you unstable. Moreso, its advisable to get enough rest before the d-day. Its keeps your brain and mind healthy.

-Join study groups for maths tutorials and move with positive friends good at maths. Your friends go a long way in your success. If your friends are reluctant, lazy and hopeless about maths, there’s no hope for you either. They would influence you negatively. Search for friends with a positive attitude towards maths and learn from them

-Don’t hate maths because you don’t like your teacher. Some teachers have a poor approach towards maths. They make you believe maths is difficult and boring but its the exact opposite. Learn to overlook his/her flaws and build a passion for maths no matter what.

-Get familiar with basic maths(Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, fractions, Real numbers, rational, irrational numbers ,etc) and you have a solid foundation already. If you cannot master basic mathematics, it might be very hard to learn higher maths. Higher maths is basic maths with some theories, rules, symbols etc.

-Have fun learning maths that is the best way to get familiar with it and do great. Before you start, make sure you are willing, happy and eager you learn. Don’t attempt to study maths when you are disturbed or distracted. That would only frustrate you more.

Realize there is nothing special, magical or difficult about maths. Its all in your head/mind. Mathematics is like any other subject. Raise your passion level for it and you are on your way to having a grade A this year.

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