CELEBRITY: She is MADE…meet talented fashion designer- M’ADE

She is Maryam Adebola but quite a large number of people call her M’ADE. A fashion designer along side Human Resource Management Practitioner. She is also a social worker and socio-entrepreneur.

My first encounter with Maryam said alot about her personality; friendly, matured, optimistic and well spoken. First impression they say, lasts longer and I remember that day like it was yesterday. Despite her very busy schedule, she found time to grace our interview.

Maryam started at an early of 19 while still in the university and now, she’s making Nigeria proud. In this interview, she spoke about her start up, challenges and her future plans. She also didn’t leave without an advice for upcoming designers. A role model in the making. She is truly MADE.

When and how did you start fashion designing?
I started as a student, well then as the business of clothing back in 2010 and fully into designing and creation of arts and clothes in 2012. I merely started as a challenged young lady who needed put her self into test of ideas, which by God’s grace is becoming an household name today.

Your first experience in the industry?
I would say having to do a fashion show in a student – mentor event and being able to represent my brand

Tell me more about M’ADE and what inspires you?
Hmm, M’ADE is a brand name which means – a put together ingredient or an assured success. Which is why we are diverse. Talking about inspiration, I am inspired by life- Life is very challenging, it’s full of options and ideas, when I’m in a situation I get creative about it and these reflects in my designs, lifestyle, attitude and of course welfarism.

Highest and lowest point in your career?
The highest point in my career is yet to come and I’ve never had a low point, I’m very optimistic, and hard working, everyday seems to be a step higher for me.

In 3years from now, where do u see M’ADE?
That’s like asking my short term plan, well, we hope to be on major runways and every stores in Nigeria and major fashion -loving countries representing Nigeria and Africa at large.

Describe your personality

What was growing up like to you. Silly, crazy and awesome things you did(memories)?
‎​yes, a lot of memories. Have always been these three things; silly, crazy and awesome.

Role models and why?
I do have role models for different aspect of my life and why? It’s cause they serve 100% purpose of a role model.

Teens of now and then, any difference?
Definitely, the world is evolving, this automatically affects human behaviour and response factor.

To upcoming designers?
If this is what you really want to do, you need focus, hard work, insight, training and mentor ship, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t.

Currently working on?
Getting to a better delivery level, satisfying our clients and giving the best.

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    From representeens team, Thank you for your time. More strength and creativity to make Nigeria proud in the fashion industry.

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