INTERVIEW: Anyim Ifeoma princess, a scholar of the University of Ilorin, shares her success story.

Determined, beautiful and brilliant. These are just a few words to describe Anyim Ifeoma Princess. An indigene of Abia state and a 200 level student of the University of Ilorin, kwara state with a C.G.P of 4.72. She has proven herself to be an overcomer no matter what life throws at her. She has climbed up her ladder thus earning the title ‘Scholar’ in her department -Biochemistry. Still, there’s no stopping till she becomes the Director General of NAFDAC someday.

Interview by Adesona Aderonke

How does it feel being the scholar of your department?
Being the scholar of my department is actually a mixed feeling but generally it feels cool

The secret of your success
I would say it is God followed by hardwork; just doing a little above regular.

As at now, no challenges. Though in the past, I had the challenge of writing WAEC four times. I scaled through at the fourth attempt. I was the best student in my set (2007/2008) so it was surprising to see the best having to write WAEC more than once with E’s n F’s. Now, when I remember those times, I smile about it and feel everything that happen is for a purpose

Benefits of being a scholar
Being a scholar in the university of Ilorin, I’m entitled to 97k and a free hostel for the session. And if I should graduate a scholar, I’m also entitled to free academic sponsorship up to my Phd level. I would also be retained as a lecturer to serve the school. I would get paid as a staff.

Study routine
Actually I love reading. Aside reading for tests and exams, I read when I feel the need to know more. I also make sure I read my book daily even if its not lightly. I read wide on different areas aside from the educational aspect.

Growing years
Growing up was very much fun. I grew up amidst 3 elder brothers and a younger sister. We were very adventurous; resulting to much fun and some events getting us into trouble

Introvert or extrovert
I’m an extrovert. I disturb and play a lot. I’m very social.

How do you relax?
I go to the pool, hang out with friends, attend a few parties, cook, chat endlessly, sleep(I love sleeping), read magazines. Anything fun and am there.

What you love most about yourself
My sense of judgement and my instinct

Aspiration in life
To be an household name. To also be the Director General of FDA (Food and Drug Agency).

Yourself in five years
In 5 years, I should have my matrimonial home. And by the grace of God, I would be the Director General of NAFDAC.

No matter how many times you have failed, you arε not a failure except you see yourself as one. Always stand up more determined anytime you fall. When you arε doing good, also remain focused. You can get there if you believe. Rather attempt to do something great and fail than to fail to do something great and succeed.

Aderonke and Ifeoma

Aderonke and Ifeoma

This is our first Teen celebrity interview. In her field, she is a celebrity and doing exceptionally great. According to her, you are not a failure except you see yourself as one. No matter what comes your way, you can be great only if you choose to. It was great meeting Anyim Ifeoma Princess. From representeens we wish you the very best on your way to the top.

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  1. For ur mind…. Good work… Kip it up…. Me not a scholar product… Only interested in d money…. Loolololokooiloo……

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