Happy new month my beautiful friends. Wow! Its the 5th month already. The days are moving really fast, before we know it, it will be December.

So, how was your April? If you were to describe it in one word what would it be? Well as for me, April was a wonderful experience. I cried, laughed, visited new places, quarreled, made up, had fun with loved ones, got angry, was frustrated, got so lazy some days that I couldn’t do anything, I tried out new skills, started this blog, met new friends, walked under Nigeria’s hot sun, got stuck in Lagos traffic and a whole lot of other things. Phew! But in all, I’m still alive to write this today and I think that’s enough for me to be grateful.

May promises to be a great month for us all. Let us walk into it with an open mind and a spirit ready to learn. May it bring us love, peace, joy, fulfillment and a sense of direction. And may God grant our heart desires, bless the works of our hands and keep us safe under His umbrella, Amen!

Have a ‘splufic’ month all. XOXO

Starting The New Month:

*Start each day with God. A solid foundation ensures a solid building. How you start determines how you end. Ensure you spend time with God and draw strength from Him. He owns the world and created you so be rest assured that He already knows every detail of each new day.

*Let your lips be filled with thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything that happens. For the things you can see and those you cannot or the ones you feel are silly or count as little, thank God for it. Also learn to be thankful to the people around you. You would be amazed at what a simple ‘thank you’ can do to someone. Being thankful works wonder! Don’t also forget to use words like ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘please’ where necessary.

*Learn to live a positive life. Leave behind negative thoughts that occupy the mind and can disorganise a beautiful month like May. Starting a new month with regret, worry, depression, sorrow, unforgiveness, condemnation, self pity, frustration, anger, etc would hinder you from seeing the good things that lay on your way. My dear, always endeavour to “keep calm and stay positive.”

*Be happy. Enjoy all the days of May and months to come. Make new plans, try to complete old ones, put a smile on someone’s face, surrender your problems to God and leave it at His feet. Do good, love God and love your neighbour even as you love yourself.


The representeens team is ready and good to go for this month. We have interesting interviews, articles, information, stories, the concluding parts of the ‘I’m ready’ series and many more. We also have a competition coming up where you stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes. Let this month begin already! *dancing*


Question for the month.
What do you represent?
Speak to yourself about what you represent and begin to act it.
“iRepresent creativity”, “iRepresent positivity”, “iRepresent a great Nigeria” “iRepresent great teenagers!!!”…
So, what do you represent? Share it with the world.

Send your contributions, questions and articles to
Email: representeens@gmail.com
Facebook: representeens club
Twitter: @representeens


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