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Hello! Its a new week and I will be sharing something from a different field today. I am so excited to tell you about some awesome ideas you never took serious that could lead you to becoming a millionaire (terms and conditions apply)

Yes! Did you know that many of the most successful people in business today started out as teenage entrepreneurs. No matter how small or funny it seemed, they started something and today we hear of them everywhere.
You might ask yourself how you will get the funds you need to start a business. Well, its quite straight forward. Get funds from parents/guardians, aunts, uncles, sibling and your personal savings (that’s right, your savings!). If you don’t have any savings of your own, you should consider starting now. You have an edge over adults in this area. Utilise it well.

Do you also know you have an incredible advantage over past generations? And that’s because more resources to build knowledge and skills are available than ever before (Google helps perform the wonders) if only you have the courage and persistence to take advantage of them. The opportunities are truly great.

While starting a business isn’t easy, it will change your life for better. You will learn to think on your feet, overcome tough challenges, be creative, manage finances, be diplomatic, and lead a team. You would also learn to be independent in some aspects and what its like to earn a living.

After my research, I discovered that most ideas that teens can take advantage of are not quite applicable here in Nigeria. For example, lawn mowing, lawn care, garage sales, babysitting, errand running and a whole lot. But few would be of great help to you. Some of them would only be possible during your school holidays while some could be done part time along side school activities. Its not child’s play so don’t expect it to come easy.

So, here are awesome business ideas you can start all by yourself, although a few of them might require some kind of specialised knowledge.

1. Web design/Graphics design: This requires training in any registered computer school around you. It also requires constant practice. You make your money when your designs are unique. If you love what you do, there’s always room for improvement and becoming the best. You would need a computer, certain softwares like Corel Draw, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator and probably an internet connection. Constantly update yourself with the developments in this field and you would on your way to the top.

2. Blogging: Are you a good writer, or simply have a great sense of humour? Are you an expert in Entertainment, fashion, academics, story telling or any particular field? If you can get a lot of people to read what you have to say, you can make money at it by starting a blog. The best way to make money from blogging is by putting up paid adverts on your blog say for your friends and family for example. Who knows even big corporations might be interested too.

Owning a blog is very easy and only takes few minutes. But maintaining it requires persistence and originality. Linda ikeji and Stella Dimoko Korkus are good examples of super bloggers in Nigeria. Keep this in mind, more visitors equals more value for your blog and invariably higher advert rates. Keep your content up-to-date and as original as possible.

3. T-shirts business: This business is quite large but the market is big enough for millions to come in. You need someone to put you through it if you wish to start solely or you can simply market for a designer and get your commission. Good pay! All you need is the right customers. Everybody wears a t-shirt for different reasons and occasion so you can never go short of customers.

4. Craft works: Do you have a passion for artworks? Then think business into it and be on your way to making millions. Jewelry making (beads and wire works) is becoming well known among Nigerians today. It requires training and originality. Also, the internet would help provide you with designs and inspiration. You could make greeting cards, pillow cases and many others without spending a fortune. Look around your environment and pick out ideas you can improvise on.

5. Selling! Selling! Selling!: I can’t start mentioning all the things you can sell to people. The list is so long. Study the environment well and get a list of the wants of people. You can begin with a very small quantity to ease the stress of getting large capital. Make sure your goods are at an affordable price. Don’t over-charge and try not ot run at a loss. Also be careful what you sell to people. Judas iscariot sold Jesus for money. I bet you don’t want to be like him.

6. Educational services: Be a private lesson tutor for a friend/child around you. Pass the right information and get paid. All you need to do is know the subject area you are good at, inform people about you, fix a time/day that is convenient for both parties and you are good to go. If you love teaching, this is a good one for you

If you’re a teen reading this post know that you’re already 90 percent way ahead of other people your age when it comes to starting a million naira Business idea.

To enter the world of entrepreneurs can be challenging at times. You need hardwork, originality, discipline, determination and courage. You would experience setbacks and challenges but they are nothing compared to the rewards of starting and growing your own business.  So don’t let anything slow you down, go for it with all you’ve got!

Remember, do not eat the seed and the bread. Save the profit that comes in no matter how small. Do not be discouraged because little drops of water make a MIGHTY ocean.
Have a blessed week!

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TEENS SPEAK: The 21st century teenagers

Hello friends! I know I promised to be back on the 8th of May but failed. I’m so sorry that I didn’t fulfill my promise. I have been up and about but you have never been out of my mind not even for once :). Let’s go straight to the business of the day.

TEENS SPEAK is a platform where we give teens or tweens the opportunity to speak about issues relating to their world. Today, Adesona Aderonke shares with us some of the challenges teenagers face especially when they are far from home say in the university for example where they have no close watch on them. With this new level of freedom many teens find it a difficult task to resist all the ‘sweet temptations’ that will come their way. But when we look at the aftermath of these temptations, we find out that it is important to make the right choices. What you become in future is a factor of the decisions you make at this ‘growing stage’ of your life. Most of the successful people in the world utilised their growth stages well (Bill gate, the Wright Brothers, etc). They were not caught up in the frivolous activities of their time instead they overcame the challenges and created solutions to world problems. Things haven’t changed so much since then they have only taken on new forms to fit the present time we live in. Learn to set your priorities straight and never loose focus.

TEENS OF THE 21st CENTURY by Adesona Aderonke.

A teenager…
A teenager is a young person between childhood and adulthood. Everybody goes through this stage in life and it comes with changes that either make or mar a person.

A very delicate stage…
At this stage we feel we can make decisions on our own, learn new things without guidance and explore this new found freedom. We don’t want to be left out especially in our social life but many teenagers have gone astray because of this. This is where the challenges come in.

Oppression amongst teens…
In this instance, teenagers want to be seen to have more things than those around them and it becomes a competition. *big boys and big girl*. Everybody wants to feel among, this could lead to teenagers stealing and engaging themselves in shameful acts to get whatever they want…The rich oppresses the average, the average oppresses the poor. It becomes a survival of fittest to stay number one. This leads to enmity and rivalry amongst the teens/youths. Sometimes they end up fighting each other leading to serious injury or even death.

Ignorance in the 21st century…
Like I mentioned earlier, we want to learn new things at this stage of our life. But lack of knowledge has led a good percentage of teens astray. For instance a young girl asking her friend if it is right to give in to sex to her partner. Her friend would most likely tell her it is not wrong. Why? well because the friend probably does the same thing or feels that is what you do for love. But if she goes to a responsible and mature adult she would be advised on the right step to take. The cruel results of ignorance can be avoided if we learn to get knowledge from respectable elders instead of our fellow mates.

Technology and our teenagers…
Our present day is ruled by technology. New inventions and gadgets are released everyday and the internet is fast becoming a serious addiction. From the internet, millions of information are passed across to people. Teens get information (directly or indirectly) from this source. But most times, it is utilised wrongly. For instance, porn is so easy to access, thanks to internet and this has many diverse effects. Also, many teens get distracted through their addiction to phones, games, music and more which makes them procrastinate and set aside their very important priorities. They fail to see the good use of this technology.

… and peer pressure
This is the influence friends have on one’s way of life which affects attitudes, decisions and behaviours. Peer pressure sets in because he/she doesn’t want to be seen as being odd amongst others. This leads the teenager to do wrong the wrong things as other people without even knowing. Peer pressure can have a positive or negative impact on a person. And this is determined by the friends we move it. Choose friends that would affect your life positively.

The way out…
The solution to all this challenges is left to the teenagers. Be determined to make the right choice in any situation. Learn to involve God in the decision you want to make. Remember you have a future to build and whatever step you take either builds or destroys that future. Know your left from your right and have self discipline. With this, we can overcome the challenges that stand our way. Thank you 🙂

To our teens and tweens: There are many sad stories about young people who have lost their lives as a result of decisions they made. Many adults are full of regrets because of the mistakes from their growing years. They can’t stop saying “had I known”. Its really sad to see what our teens are setting their priorities on. Funny trends everywhere and young ones utilising 90% of their time trying to meet up. They forget to build other areas of their life. Like Aderonke said, the solution is left to you. Choose right and be determined to stand for it. Stay connected to God always. That’s the easy to overcome anything. The grace and strength you need he would give you. And its FREE!. Who doesn’t like free(awoof) things?

To our Parents/guidance: you have a huge part to play in their success. No matter how rebellious they get, there’s always a way to pass the message. Bring them up in the right way. Learn to be their friends so they can run to you for answers. Give them the right information and don’t underestimate them. You would be shocked at what they know. They are the 21st century teenagers.

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Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a lovely weekend. I love you but God loves you more*kisses*

SERIES: I’m ready pt 2

Hello beautiful friends. Its the beginning of a great week and I have decided to start it with another part to my series “I’m ready”.

I’m ready to run my race not yours. I run your race in my heart imagining how I would have done it better in your shoes, wishing your track were mine. Then mine is left behind;empty, untouched, no leader, no gate, a free relaxation spot for everyone’s opinion(good and bad). Your spot becomes my home. A home as a spectator and slave in which I get nothing out of the many(achievements, praises, awards, fame and glory) you get. I don’t get a ‘thank you’ or a single dime in return yet I pay you in cash, time, energy, worry and fear. Now am alone and dejected. You won’t allow me lead you in your race. You don’t accept me and care less because you don’t know am here. Yes, on your track, trying to run your race, not mine. Today, I’m ready to run my race and I’m on track because I’m ready. Its dusty and many high hurdles to jump but who says cleaning and exercising isn’t fun…

Life isn’t a competition. Every individual has his/her own race to run. Sometimes you envy other people and practically start living their lives. You forget you did not start the same time, with the same style, with the same training and you have a different exam ‘type’, a different purpose, a different everything. Begin to focus on yourself and be contented with the person God has created you to be. Stop the pretence and fake way of life you have started. Set yourself to get ready to run your ‘own’ race. No matter how difficult it may seem to leave, setting your mind ready to start afresh or where you stopped, gets you back on track. Are you ready?
Have a wonderful week ahead dear friends…Don’t forget to apply these three tips;
1. Stay connected with God
2. Put a smile on someone’s face
3. And remain positive.

Please, check back regularly and watch out for our new post “teens speak” on the 8th of May. Let’s read what the teens have to say…

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Thank you!!!


Happy new month my beautiful friends. Wow! Its the 5th month already. The days are moving really fast, before we know it, it will be December.

So, how was your April? If you were to describe it in one word what would it be? Well as for me, April was a wonderful experience. I cried, laughed, visited new places, quarreled, made up, had fun with loved ones, got angry, was frustrated, got so lazy some days that I couldn’t do anything, I tried out new skills, started this blog, met new friends, walked under Nigeria’s hot sun, got stuck in Lagos traffic and a whole lot of other things. Phew! But in all, I’m still alive to write this today and I think that’s enough for me to be grateful.

May promises to be a great month for us all. Let us walk into it with an open mind and a spirit ready to learn. May it bring us love, peace, joy, fulfillment and a sense of direction. And may God grant our heart desires, bless the works of our hands and keep us safe under His umbrella, Amen!

Have a ‘splufic’ month all. XOXO

Starting The New Month:

*Start each day with God. A solid foundation ensures a solid building. How you start determines how you end. Ensure you spend time with God and draw strength from Him. He owns the world and created you so be rest assured that He already knows every detail of each new day.

*Let your lips be filled with thanksgiving. Be thankful for everything that happens. For the things you can see and those you cannot or the ones you feel are silly or count as little, thank God for it. Also learn to be thankful to the people around you. You would be amazed at what a simple ‘thank you’ can do to someone. Being thankful works wonder! Don’t also forget to use words like ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘please’ where necessary.

*Learn to live a positive life. Leave behind negative thoughts that occupy the mind and can disorganise a beautiful month like May. Starting a new month with regret, worry, depression, sorrow, unforgiveness, condemnation, self pity, frustration, anger, etc would hinder you from seeing the good things that lay on your way. My dear, always endeavour to “keep calm and stay positive.”

*Be happy. Enjoy all the days of May and months to come. Make new plans, try to complete old ones, put a smile on someone’s face, surrender your problems to God and leave it at His feet. Do good, love God and love your neighbour even as you love yourself.


The representeens team is ready and good to go for this month. We have interesting interviews, articles, information, stories, the concluding parts of the ‘I’m ready’ series and many more. We also have a competition coming up where you stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes. Let this month begin already! *dancing*


Question for the month.
What do you represent?
Speak to yourself about what you represent and begin to act it.
“iRepresent creativity”, “iRepresent positivity”, “iRepresent a great Nigeria” “iRepresent great teenagers!!!”…
So, what do you represent? Share it with the world.

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