Series: I’m ready pt.1

Hello my beautiful friends! How is your week going?. Its been great for me. The tears, laughter, inspiration, stress, good sleep, good food and lessons learnt made it wonderful. I posted this on facebook and decided to share with everyone here. Its titled “I’m ready”, and its going to be a series. So, other parts would be posted subsequently. Feel free to post your comments.
I woke up early and prepared well for my journey, packed all the necessary things needed, but when I got to my first bus park, life played a different card. I’ve been out even before the sun yet the sun is working at its best before me. Shining brighter and hotter while I wait for the bus. I’ve wasted precious hours at the bus park but I refuse to allow the sun sleep before I get to my destination because the darker the harder. I’m ready to start a walk to my destination though I wished for a jet. I’m aware its not going to be a comfortable one but for how long would I wait?. I’m ready to start not minding how slow it seems. I’m ready to face the storms for I know they would surely come but I do not know the form it might decide to choose.
I’m ready because I’ve realised its only when you are READY, that you have started the race.

Its normal for things to go the way we haven’t planned and believe me it could be very frustrating and depressing. At certain points in ones life, we all experience this. But it doesn’t tag us as failures. We only become failures when we stop(give-up). There are different routes to our destination, so if one gets blocked, we can try other routes(decent). Don’t forget you can’t start all by yourself, you need a higher source to draw from(God Almighty). Don’t be out of His coverage, He is the life you need if you desire to get to your finishing point alive. May God help us all. Amen

Have a fun-filled weekend…watch a movie, try something new, dance around, laugh with friends and more. You’ll gist me ooo. Love you*kisses*

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